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I've got to be up in eight hours, and i'm still fucking around on the computer.

Laundry is started, litterboxes are cleaned, i am on my way to being drunk (on chinese beer, once again), half of the groceries are put away, and hair is dyed.

in this pic it doesn't look all that different ...

but in this pic the brighter red is kinda visible ... and it's a nice creepy pic ...

yeah ... so that's my hair ... still too fucking long. everyone likes it long, but it annoys.

for some reason i have missed all the calls i wanted to answer today. Dr. Harris called, and I was in class. Marge called, and i think it was while i was getting the groceries.
the only calls i have answered have been work related crap i didn't want to deal with. Jamie calling me to tell me that the dead animal freezer was too full. shit like that. Michael hasn't called. he'll probably wait until i've been asleep for 45 minutes.
i so wish i didn't live so far away. i miss him more than i get to see him.

say goodnight, kasey.
goodnight, kasey.

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