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I'm too tired to exist

Worked last night ... work every saturday night ...
did two and a half weeks worth of surgery/laboratory/drug logs ...
sedated a cat and unobstructed the urethra to place a urinary catheter ... i get to do the fun procedures like this when the doctor is too tired to want to bother. The only sucky part was that the kitty woke up as I was trying to suture the catheter to his scrotum, and i had to run and get the gas anesthesia.
Drank coffee that i swear was laced with crack, as i was bouncing off the walls by the end of my shift.
Left work about 9:30, went straight to Michael's and climbed into bed.
Due to aforementioned coffee and the horribly ticking alarm clock, i got to sleep at about 10:30.
Woke up at 1:45 to take michael to work.
I'm now at my mom's house, afraid to go back to sleep, for fear of sleeping through when i have to pick michael up from work.
I totally thought i was screwed for money until monday night. Turns out, my state tax return check was in my mailbox when I got up to my house last night. I was going to cash it this morning, but i left my ATM card with Michael, so that he can spend the last of what's in the account on cat food. So I have a piece of paper in my organizer worth $287 that I can't access right now, addressed to "Easey Littlefield".
I really need to get them to correct that. All my state tax stuff comes to that name. My mom thinks it's hilarious.
I've got bills to pay and homework to do, and I'll find twenty ways to put it off before i actually do it.
I think I'm supposed to call charles today, but i don't remember what the plan was. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to call Jesse as well, and figure out when i can have him come help with the computer system. Maybe I can do that today.
I'm getting support at work from the chick who once did my job, which is a little surprising. i'm suspicious, but she did have good advice, and seems to want to keep the board from screwing me over.
Another girl has her friend's cat in the hospital ... she's been told repeatedly that she cannot treat her friend's pets for free. This time, the doctor had kept a log of what drugs were given and what procedures done ... so last night, I wrote up a bill. I was nice, didn't charge an office call, cut the hospitalization charges, and gave a "friend of the hospital" 10% discount, which cut the bill down to about $950. The girl turned an interesting shade of whitish when i gave her the bill. I felt bad, but she's cost the hospital so much money by not charging her friends for stuff. Employees get a huge discount, but only for their personal pets. I'd love to treat everyone's animal for free, but i can't.
I hope I'm not too sleepy to have any fun on my day off.

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