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so we're here ...

we arrived late last night, after a long drive through the desert, punctuated by the ranting of bill hicks, my crankiness and season's laughter ...

i'm going to back up just a bit and explain what the setup here was for last night. Michael and Jesse and Season and I drove out here last night. My parents preceded us by a few hours, as they were stopping to sleep here while on the way to Tuscon for a race. My brother and another guy preceded them by an hour or two. Needless to say, I knew that sleeping conditions would be crowded for Thursday night, but there would be just enough beds/couches for all of us. There are actually four beds in my room, and we had pre-arranged with my family that Season/Jesse/Michael and I would all sleep in there.

This is what I gather happened Thursday night ... My brother and his friend arrived here and immediately started drinking some alcohol that they had brought with them. My brother, in a matter of less than two hours, managed to get horribly wasted drunk. He managed to get into my room and pass out in my bed. His friend, who was not so drunk, made it safely to the couch.

My parents and the rest of the race car crew arrive shortly after, at about 2 am. They proceed to their sleeping places without noticing that my brother is unconscious in my bed.

My truck full of people arrives at about 3:30 am. We sneak in quietly, put our stuff away without waking anyone, and get to my room, where i see that my brother is asleep on my bed. Grumble ... but nothing i can do, as he is half again as big as me and not easy to move. So I pull out the trundle bed and plan for michael and i to share it. Season and Jesse set up on the bunk bed. I take one more look at my brother before i get my bed made up ...

... and realize that he, along with my bed and my sheets, is covered in his own vomit. and i can smell the alcohol haze surrounding him.

this makes me very, very, angry. i decide that i am not going to try to sleep next to my puky, stinky brother. after some aggravated discussion, michael and i elect to take a walk down close to the water and wait for my family to wake up so that i can go to bed.

we return from our walk a bit later, and as i walked in, my mom woke up and waved hi to me, thinking i had just arrived. I explained the situation to her.

She was extremely not happy.

It's really funny when the wrath of my mother is turned on someone else. He was dragged out of bed, bitched at, bitched at some more, and chewed out by my dad (who never, ever, gets mad). My mom apologized profusely that I wasn't able to go to bed when i arrived.

We switched out mattresses, got clean sheets, and eventually, well after the sun came up, my family left and i was able to go to bed.

an added bonus was that my mom was so pissed off that she didn't make the breakfast she had planned, and left the fixings for us to use when we woke up. So Jesse made us yummy omlettes today.

We're going to drive down to the water in a little bit ... i'm trying not to feel too naked in my bikini and swimming skirt ...

other than the vomit incident, it's beautiful down here ... i brought my digital camera so i may post pics later ...

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