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i think, by the end of this weekend, i may actually have a tan.
season is gonna have a tan too.
michael and jesse, i think, will both remain pasty white.

went down to the water today. would have been more fun if there were less ants. Jesse really hates ants. tomorrow, we're going to go earlier to avoid the ants. and i want more sun. i want my legs to tan. i will drink more Coronas in the sun and eat strawberries. I think we're going to put the sea-doo in the water tomorrow, if i get up early enough.

i don't know how my liver is going to hold up ... i've been on a slow continuous alcohol infusion since i got here. now i'm drinking purple wine ... it's nummy ...

we took the dogs to the beach with us ... both of them are totally asleep ... Harley likes to dig and eat sand, apparently ... Flea spent most of the time hiding under the dunebuggy.

i'm feeling a bit better ... still not the most emotionally stable person, but feeling better ...

i think michael and i are going to go for a walk soon ... the wind is blowing and its really nifty outside ... i love the desert ...

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