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i love the water ... even though it's cold ... right now the whole river is fresh spring runoff, and it's freezing ... Jesse and I raced to the island, and he beat me horribly ... the boy has arms that are disturbingly longer than mine, and is a very fast swimmer ... and i'm more out of shape than i realized ... i looked back while i was swimming and saw Harley swimming behind me ... the silly dog hates me and hates water, i don't know what that's about.

it's michael's birthday today ... i wanted to make him a cake, but he doesn't want a cake. his presents haven't arrived yet, or if they have, they are in OC while we are out here. so i don't quite know what to do for his birthday ... i just want to make it a nice day for him.

We launched the Sea-Doo today ... i was as incompetent backing the trailer down the ramp as last time ... eventually, we got the thing in the water and a spot set up on the beach. Jesse and Michael took turns taking the sea-doo up and down the river. I took it out once, with Harley on it with me. He seemed to enjoy it.
Spent most of the day sitting in the sun drinking Coronas, as i planned.
Getting the Sea-doo out of the water was much easier than getting it in. after michael accidentally hit jesse with the sea-doo, anyway. I still have to get the trailer back into the garage ... probably should have done that before sundown. oh well.

dinner's in the oven ... making potatoes for everyone and hoping that season can eat some of it ... i feel bad ... we've been eating in front of her all weekend ... it's nice to see her eating some stuff, though.

We saw lacie's parents out on the sand today. Nice to see them, they're very cool people. Fred seemed fascinated by the IV setup.

i think tonight we'll go for a drive ... i want to show them how it is possible to see every single star ...

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