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winding down ...

so i'm at the river, on vacation, and what am i doing? playing kingdom hearts and putting off cleaning. it's just like home.

i tried to take a walk around the camp earlier, but michael is a big wuss about the sun, so that didn't last long. the dog enjoyed it.
i seem to have a tan. except for the part of my legs that i wanted to tan ... they're still fish belly white.

We're all staying inside for the most part today, as we're a little overdosed on sun and heat. I could take more, but it seems like everyone else isn't used to it ...

i love the sun ... who would have thunk it? i don't keep vampire hours because i hate the daytime.

the hard part is coming up ... the clothes have to be re-packed, dished put away, leftover food packed into the truck, floors vacuumed, beds made, computer put away, bathrooms cleaned, playstation unhooked, all that fun stuff. we've made quite a mess of this place.

being around season makes for all sorts of interesting medical discussion.

jesse is asleep on the floor, curled up around the base of the chair. Michael is forcefeeding me oversized strawberries and drinking corona. now we're talking about cleaning up ... and still not actually doing it ...

michael and i want to come back here ... i want to get a job that gives me weekends off, and spend them in the water, under the sun ...

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