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hot skin

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LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

I'm back from the river ...

it's kinda sad to be home. I'd be glad to stay there a while longer.

but we're hom ... i finally got everything cleaned up, and we all piled into the car. Made a few stops in Blythe (quite the lovely little desert dirt town, really) for gas, food, hot water for michael's tea, and medications ... an hour later, we're on the road again for the long trip through the desert. loud music, all of us singing ... lots of catty bitchiness ... a phone call from the ex i worry about most in the middle of it all - he's running again, more warrants ...
it wasn't the easiest car trip in the world, and i'm afraid it was hard on Season ... i feel bad ...
Alone in the car after dropping Season and Jesse off, Michael and i got a lot of stuff that needed to be discussed out of the way. Sometimes we have such a hard time communicating. Sometimes, when we can both get on the same level, it's easy as pie. like talking to a twin.

my skin feels hot and dry and itchy. it is noticeably darker in areas. i'm going to have to soak it in lotion or i'll be scratching for the rest of the week.

Work tonight ... it's been a week since the letter was left, and i have received absolutely no response. Which is more annoying than any response they could have given me. So I'm hoping for a note in my inbox, or a schedule change, or something. I've got the interview with ACCIM in the morning, and I'm still waiting to hear back from VPI. ACCIM would be an interesting place to work ... I could learn to use ultrasound and the endoscope, and we'd see a lot more critical patients than i ever saw at Central. But i want the stability of the office job ... sick days, a cubicle to decorate, paid holidays instead of working ones. Maybe i could even spend a holiday with my family for once. but i shouldn't plan too far ahead.

Michael and I are meeting for dinner in a little bit ... yay for italian food ... we're talking of joining a gym, but the expense (at least initially) is significant. i'd like to get in better shape (and stronger!) and i think he would too. Just gotta come up with the money, now.

when i get a chance to get to my house and stay there for a couple hours, i'll post up pics from the river.

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