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Chihuahua puppies

Did a c-section on a chihuahua last night ... extracted three puppies from a four pound chihuahua, with possibly the stupidest owners on the planet, but the dog was so sweet ... So my last Saturday at Garden Grove. My last Saturday night with dingbat Katrina, yay! and she was in fine form last night ... like working with a zombie. But it was sad, too, I love working with Dr. Croley, and Joe and Lisa that I see Sunday mornings. Joe may go to see Ministry when I go. I'd love to get a bunch of people together for that show, to share in my Ministry love and aggression.

Jill's suprise party was last night, and of course I show up too late for the surprise, but it was nice to be there ... so much drama between so many people, though ... everone needs to relax ... myself included. Had fun batting balloons around with Matty and Dave Stone. Quiet little party, though.

I think I need to make a phone call this afternoon, when I wake up ... figure out whats going on tomorrow, or later ... make sure everything is clear ...

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