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Sixty five hundred teeny little stitches later (yes, i calculated it out) i have a pretty red scarf with only a couple mistakes. Yay me. My mom said that my grandma would have been proud. Not that she knitted. She found it dull. but she would have been proud anyway. Everyone around me lately has been subjected to "Look at my scarf! I made it!"

I've moved on to a new project, something obnoxiously bright and kinda special. I'm hoping to finish it within the next day or two.

knitting is addictive.

work last night was hellish ... not extraordinarily busy, but two obnoxious beagles that barked and howled all night. We gave them some sedative, as they were aggravating us and the other patients in the hospital. They then barked and howled while lying down. They were chocolate toxicity dogs, and had been fed liquid charcoal several times through the day, and by the time they got to us, they were spewing charcoal from both ends. It was fucking disgusting. Then there was the obese golden retriver, unable to walk due to vestibular disease, that would pee all over itself. And the drooling cat ... can't forget the drooling cat.

I'm hoping to see Michael tonight, in the three hour gap between when he works and when i go to work. Fucking convoluted schedules. I'm thinking maybe i'll try braving TC again soon, since I have my knitting to hide behind and I've been feeling a bit better, but i'm not sure. When I have been by, it seems like it's always closed at ten anyway.
Or maybe I'll just continue to hide. That seems to work for me most of the time.

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