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Stitch n' Bitch

I hate calling it this, because I didn't come up with the name, but the name is so cute I'm just going to have to keep it ...

Since I've gotten some positive feedback about the idea, we're going to try this stitching/knitting/crocheting/general crafting circle thing.

The day: Tuesdays ... once a week, every week.
The time: I'm going to say 5-8 pm ... the place is open until 10 pm, if people want to hang around later.
The place: Totally Coffee, 1525 Mesa Verde Dr E, Costa Mesa. Coming from the 405, exit Harbor and go south, turn right on Mesa Verde, and it's in the two-story complex on the left ... you can't miss the patio. We'll be in the back of the coffee shop.

So yeah ... we'll try this this tuesday (april 20), and if it works and people want to keep it going, it'll become a regular thing. All crafty things are welcome, as long as it's practical for the room we have and doesn't make a huge mess ...

So show up, bring your supplies, and this might even be kinda fun ...

any questions, e-mail me at blackeyes(at)adelphia.net

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