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when i oversleep, i really oversleep.
and it's bad when i set my alarm for three pm and manage to sleep through that by a couple hours.

so that, compounded by some serious lagging, means that it is now nine, and i'm not even ready to go, not sure that i'll make it to oc in time to meet michael after work. it's okay, though ... he lags too.

i have to be up in the morning tomorrow ... gotta meet with alice at 1, then get some letters sent out certified. I'd like to stop in and see my friend rachel in the afternoon, maybe get together for lunch with her, and then I'm supposed to meet up with steph in the evening (though, i'm not so certain that the scarf will be totally done ... but close to it), and then maybe i think i'll drive back home. or hang out with michael until pre-dawn hours.

My final check came in the mail today. No pay breakdown, so i can't be sure that they paid me correctly. I've got to go photocopy it, to record the date paid and the postmark, before i can cash it. The certified letters i'm sending out tomorrow are to Central and the president of the board, requesting my pay and hours history for the last year or so.
I really am having fun with this. I almost hope that they refuse to send my records so that I can take them to small claims court.

i hope my crafty circle thing works out ... i don't like trying to set things up ... i'm afraid i'll have a knitting circle and no one will come.

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