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Super Strawberry Daisy!

My super happy fun fun rainbows name is Super Strawberry Daisy!.
Take The Super Happy Fun Fun Rainbows Name Generator today!
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Michael and i joined a gym today. about halfway through the high-pressure sales pitch, i got all hypoglycemic, agreed to everything the guy suggested (except the fucking personal trainer - even in my stupor, i did know that i don't need to talk to any more humans) and handed over my credit card ... so now apparently i can go to any 24 hour fitness in so cal and work my muscles.

saw steph and gave her the scarf i made ... she seemed to like it and that made me quite happy. nice to see steph ... nice to see tyler and andy, as well ...

my blood sugar went all out of whack today ... it went super low in the afternoon, then i just overcorrected back and forth for the rest of the day ...i end up feeling like crap after days like this ... i hate being diabetic.

went to michaels and watched Shawshank Redemption after all the other stuff i did today ... one of my favorite movies ever. while watching it, i learned how to make my knitted pieces wider, so that i can make shapes other than rectangles. Which means, of course, that i will soon be able to make things other than scarves. woot.
tomorrow, i start on the kerchief.

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