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I want a ferret ... there's a "needs a home" card for a ferret up at Petco. I called the guy and left a message ... i like ferrets.

exercising was fun. i think i shall do it again tomorrow, before work. Michael suggested that i consider going after i leave work in the mornings ... i laughed, and then i laughed some more, and then i explained that very little happens after i leave work except sleep.

we sit here, and drink, and smoke hookah, and listen to music and play video games, and eat indulgent vegetarian food, and i think that there are some parts of my life that don't suck.

got through an evening at TC tonight ... i was impressed with myself. Steph gave me a pretty MAC sparkly black eyeshadow, so i was all happy. I was knitting and kelly was crocheting, it was very cute. I finished the kerchief thing i was working on ... not because it was done, but because there was a child running about and balloons being popped, and i jumped, and stitches slipped off the needle, and the best thing was to end it there because there was no saving it.
i wanted to do it in a different color anyway. so there.

i think i should rejoin michael on the couch now ...

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