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Llama, chinchilla, and spinning wheel

I have to leave for work in an hour or so ...

working at garden grove tonight. Flea is coming with me, as i don't feel like driving to my mom's before work to drop him off. it wasn't busy last time i worked there, and i'm hoping it's not too busy tonight ... i'm lazy.

i have a goal. i want a house, out here somewhere. I want a llama in the back yard. I want a spinning wheel so that i can take the fur from my llama and make yarn and make sweaters from it.

i don't think my dreams are unreasonable.

michael insists that the house should contain chinchillas. I'm okay with this.

we did nothing today. no, we did stuff. I mopped the kitchen. we made dinner - stir fry wraps that totally fell apart, but they were good anyway. got some good naked time in. beer and hookah.

neither of us do a whole lot of anything on sundays ... the nice thing is, we don't need to.

I'm very nervous about the stitch n' bitch on tuesday ... i probably shouldn't bother, i should probably just show up and knit ... but i'm nervous anyway. Andy said he's been telling people about it.

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