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itty bitty fish ... big pond.

I think my first day at ACCIM went okay. I am a very little fish there, in a very big pond. I've never worked at such a heavily staffed hospital. But it's nice ... i am already learning things ... i learned how to suction and feed through a PEG tube. I played with the ultrasound a bit, and can sorta identify a bladder, though the rest of the abdomen is still a mystery to me. I got more experience with the doppler last night than i did in the last year.

this is gonna be nothing like sitting on my ass at Central.

it's much more fun.

more work, but more fun.

I'm not going to be able to see michael until wednesday night, maybe thursday. The last time i saw him was sunday ... and since i don't have my cell phone with me, it's tricky to talk to him ... i miss him.

knitting circle today ... i've got to get a new project started. I've got to wake up in a few hours. i should get to bed.

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