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Yesterday was much better than the day before. I didn't stick to my no-drinking idea, as how else were we to celebrate Michael's passing the EMT test but with a bottle of cheap champagne?

yeah, he passed his EMT test. The results came in a lot sooner than we thought they would. He's got a certificate and an "EMT" patch. He's all happy, and i'm very proud of him.

my hair is black and blonde ... it's going to take some more bleaching to make it white, but it'll get there eventually. I think it's cute. I'll post pics later, when i don't look like i just rolled out of bed.

We went to the gym last night ... i'm all sore from this cross trainer machine that kicked my ass. I am so out of shape. i don't think i've ever been in shape. but i'll get there. someday. I wish i could go more, but it's hard with my schedule, and i'm not really comfy going alone in the middle of the night.

gotta go to work tonight ... it sucks to dream about work all night, then wake up and actually have to go. I should get paid for dreaming about it.

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