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Michael has been up here since saturday night ... he's got that 'getting ready to leave' thing going on, and that always makes me sad. every time.

my air conditioning is horribly underpowered. it's fucking hot. i think, after michael leaves, i'm going to get in the shower and stand under cold water.
in the middle of the summer out here, the water doesn't even run cold ... if i turn it on, the best i can hope for is lukewarm. cold water feels so nice when it's 110 outside.

the funeral is tomorrow, at four, out here. I can't go because i'll be in between shifts in OC. I feel terrible, but it's too short notice to get the time off work.
i don't do well at funerals anyway.
and my mom was ranting about this ... the guy was catholic, his wife was not. the catholic church he attended will not allow him to be buried there on some technicality. shitty.

we had a "sex and the city" marathon last night. My season one DVD came in the mail, so we watched it. He might of actually enjoyed it, i think. i like it, anyway. i've got to order season two now ... not that i have any money.

i tried sake for the first time last night ... didn't like it. tastes like starchy hot vodka. yuck.

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