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when i'm sad it's so hard to do anything. i went to the gym last night and was barely able to do anything ... i really had no energy. working out for twenty minutes sucked the last little bit out of me and left me drained and upset.

today i am weak and cold and unmotivated. my hands are trembly.

i do have a reason to get out of bed, however. I'm meeting ben for lunch. i missed ben. i miss that whole little group, but i've written all of them off but him. i don't know why i let the whole thing bother me so much, but it does. i feel used.

my brother needs to use the computer ... i guess i should let him, seeing as how it's his computer ...

and you people all disappointed me the other day, by not tearing into me anonymously and breaking what spirit i have left. slackers.

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