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i'm japanese!

Oren-Ishii (Cottonmouth)

You're Oren-Ishii! Twisted and homicidal, you respect most people, but let them know not to mess with you. You have a talent for sensing danger, and keep only the most loyal and skilled people around you.

Kill Bill: Which Deadly Viper Assassin Are You? (Vol. II spoilers... results with pics)

michael came to my parents house and woke me up today. I drank lots before going to bed and slept through most of the day. but that really was a good red wine. slowed down my knitting though.

michael and i spent most of the evening yesterday watching TV with my parents. how geeky are we, seriously.

Neither of us really has the money to go out and do anything, anyway. i've got to drop off my homeowner's payment on my way home tonight, or it will be late. the money from that is coming from my savings account, where i had stored the money i was going to use for the tech school. guess i'm gonna have to put that off a little further.
hopefully i'll get at least a little bit of money from the labor board to replace it.

we have, as far as i can tell, no plans for today. michael is napping. i have to go home sometime tonight, so that i can feed my animals and clean up my house a little bit. tomorrow night i work. sunday is to be spent curled up on the couch with cheap wine and DVD's. I think we may go to the gym tonight, just to get something accomplished. I should wash my gym clothes.

My knitting project for right now is either going to end up a purse or a tube top. It's an experiment on round needles. it may just end up as a tube of fabric, or it might even turn out kinda cool. however it works out, it's taking forever, especially since i decided to add ribbing. knit, purl, ad nauseum.

VAST is playing next week, at Spaceland. I may go, I may not. It's going to be crowded and expensive. I guess I'll have to see how the money situation works out.
I really want to see Babyland again, and i totally missed their show last week.

some girl posted on the oc community asking what there is to do in OC. This makes me laugh ... there's nothing to do in OC but spend money. Not that there's anything to do in the Riverside either. Michael and I are talking about another river trip, though he'd have to take time off work to do it. so maybe sometime this summer ... hopefully.

Lunch with Ben the other day was really fun. We got a lot of good talking in, and a fair amount of catty bitching. Alta has amazingly good salads, though the pumpkin bar, usually squishy and good, was kinda stale and disappointing. His new computer is all nifty and reminds me that i need to get one of those wireless card thingies.

i need inspiration ... what is there to do in OC for not too much money, in the evenings??? help ... i'm bored.

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