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"a real scorcher"

Listening to KNX yesterday, the weather report comes on ... "It's going to be a real scorcher this weekend for the inland areas."

fucking great.

I'm dreading summer, i'm dreading the days like this that string together for weeks. My A/C is almost totally useless in the daytime. It does, however, do a really good job of freezing my toes until i wake up in the middle of the night.

I have no food at my house, and no money with which to buy food. Rice and ramen for me until i get a paycheck, and god only knows when that will be. There were three dates I could have gotten a paycheck. The reason I don't know the exact one is because people at work are telling me different things ... so i've decided that there's nothing to be done but be super frugal and wait until the direct deposit shows up. It didn't show up today. The next possible payday is the 6th, so I'll wait and hope. If i don't get one on the 6th, it's not coming until the 15th, which would suck ass.

all this talk of work reminds me ... i keep forgetting to go get drug tested, and I have a paycheck for one shift at garden grove that i should go pick up. Lazy me.

I'm craving a smoothie. Something with berries. I doubt there's a juice place anywhere near here.

We went to the gym last night, and it was determined that while i have disturbing strength in my legs, there is no muscle at all in my shoulders. Nothing. i can barely lift the bar. This needs to be worked on, if i am to get buff. I told michael that i will start taking creatine, just to scare him.
he's stronger than me, and this makes me jealous.

Had the exquisite pleasure of hanging out with Cody and Joe last night, before the gym. Drank wine and smoked hookah, and watched tech TV. Those two have really amusing arguments. Joe goes to the same gym as me, so i might have someone else to work out with. Watching Michael be disturbed at Cody's groping of me is kinda funny ... he takes it well enough, though.

my fucking neighbors woke me up at 10 this morning with horrid rap music blaring from a cadillac escalade parked in front of their condo ... these people are so obnoxious. They're always on their porch being loud, playing music for the whole complex to hear. The kids are numerous and out of control. I couldn't tell you how many people live in that condo, because there are different people there all the time. Every argument must be had with the doors and windows open. Annoying. i didn't need to wake up so early ... i have to work tonight.

work is going well ... i look forward to it when i go. I think my favorite doc is on tonight. I don't like the girl who's going to be my supervisor tonight, but it could be worse. The girl I'm kinda being friendly with is going to be there, which is nice.

I should do something constructive today.

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