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dark blue badge

so i took many pages of tests at work this morning ... i had to "test for my badge" to see what level of technician i am, so i would know what i'm allowed to do. i rocked that test ... there are three levels of tech, and two of assistant. everyone is assumed to be assistant 1 until proven otherwise. so i took the assistant 2 test, passed. took the tech 1 test, passed. took the tech 2 test, passed. took the tech 3 test, and passed, but she said i need more experience with procedures and dialysis before I can be a level three tech.

so i'm all proud of myself, and i have a dark blue badge to wear so that i can prove to everyone how much i rock. I'm also going to do an earlier shift on saturdays so that i get a chance to do more procedures.

then i went to take my drug test. they asked for a picture id, which i don't have with me, since i left my wallet in a pair of pants at home. The lady looked at me like i was trying to defraud them when i said i'd have to come back. bitch.

work tonight ... school tomorrow ... then hopefully tomorrow night after class i'll get to come back to oc and get some quality time in. just have to make it through one more day ...

got the stupid case study paper done, too. I'm short on sleep and cranky because of it. Wish i didn't have to miss Stitch n' Bitch to do it.

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