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i didn't need this.

so just as i think things are starting to look up, my mom calls me at one, starts with, "I know you're asleep right now, but ..." and then proceeds to rip into me about something she doesn't understand and won't let me explain.

by the time she's done i'm upset and awake and there's no getting back to sleep now. i'm too fucking tired to do housework.

michael left me the sweetest voicemail last night ... i never got the chance to call him back, but it was nice to hear. maybe i'll get to see him tonight, if i'm not to tired to drive down there.

i wonder why popcorn has become my comfort food?

all my cats are being psychotic. obi won't leave me alone. patches and goyle have been chasing each other around the house since i got home. sammy is being his usual self, in that he is on the chair in the kitchen that he refuses to leave. odd animals.

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