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un-supersize me, please.

Last night, we had plans. Supersize Me was being released, and after reading Fast Food Nation and assorted reviews of this movie, I just had to see it. So after a not-so-quick trip to Moreno Valley and back to pick up my car and a lengthly afternoon nap, we were off to see the movie.

I woke up from my nap hungry, but we had already cut the time a bit close, so we decided that after the movie, we would visit the In-and-Out Burger in the same complex as the theatre. I've been craving a grilled cheese for about a week now.

The movie was fucking great. To see what McDonalds did to this guy's body was truly frightening. To see what McDonalds and it's competitors have done to the country is downright horrifying.

What Fast Food Nation started for me, this film completed. Needless to say, we skipped In-and-Out and went to a twenty-four hour grocery and bought salad and hummus. I don't think I'll be eating french fries for a while. It's not like I'm a regular patron of McDonalds - I've eaten there exactly once in the last ten years or so, when alex was out here and insisted on it. I had their disgusting McVeggie burger. But i do eat a disproportionate amount of fast food, due to my schedule. Much less, though, and I've tried to make better choices since i've read the book. I'm going to try and avoid this in the future - there's no reason beyond my own lethargy that i can't pack my own lunch. This movie really put into perspective the damage that is done by bad food choices.

After our salad and hummus, we went to the gym, feeling like fat, bloated americans.

I can't wait until i get my paycheck so that i can start getting groceries from trader joe's again. And I wish TJ's was 24 hours.

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