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michael in his underwear

There are several projects going through my head right now. First is the tabouleh I'm going to make tonight, to take with me to work tomorrow. Second is the train trip i'm planning to New Orleans. Third is my grocery list for today, as i picked up a couple 1 shift paychecks from garden grove and can buy at least a bit of food. fourth is the ever-present "clean the house" project. I got michael to take out the trash, and i did the dishes. so domestic. fifth is getting my fan set up to cool this house down - it's hot and stuffy and the a/c isn't working so well.

my computer keeps fucking up. it always does this in the summer. pisses me off. i think the cable modem overheats. or something.

michael is so cute, sitting on the couch in his underwear smoking from the hookah. fucking adorable.

I really like Riesling wine ... but i'm rather embittered about it, due to the way-too-drunk, spinning dizzy episode of last week. Michael insists that I shouldn't blame the wine, but in the future try to avoid drinking an entire bottle in a short span of time. We may try the german wine experiment again tonight.

My Kill Bill (Vol. 1) and Natural Born Killers DVDs that I bought off e-bay nearly a month ago came in the mail this week - it may be a Tarantino fest tonight. I hate e-bay sellers that take forever to ship ... annoying.

When cleaning out the room I sleep in at my mom's house the other day, I stumbled upon a box of early/mid-nineties music - good stuff. I've been listening to Soundgarden's "Superunknown" in the car since yesterday. There was also some Cure, Guns n' Roses, Candlebox ... the stuff i like. I get all geeked out over stuff I was too cool for when i was actually a teenager.

every time i cry out
no one ever comes to me
every time that i reach out
no one ever rescues me
i wish i could hide from everyone
is there somewhere else to be
is there somewhere else to be
take me in
i want out
that's all i need
i wish i could run from everything
is there somewhere else to be
is there somewhere else to be
take me in
i want out
that's all i need
- VAST - "somewhere else to be"

that's my escapism anthem ...

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