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Wednesdays are fucking exhausting, and the cats are being obnoxious.

Goyle's latest trick is getting into the cupboards and tearing open sealed food containers. This is really quite endearing. I love cleaning up dry pasta from the kitchen floor after getting home from class.

but yeah, wednesdays suck. i get off work at 7. i had a couple of things that had to be done before i went to bed today, so i didn't get to bed until 10am. woke up at four, dragged my tired self to school, sat through three hours of lecture, tried not to fall asleep and came home. made myself dinner, and now i sit here, and try to get motivated to pack a bag and get myself back to OC.

all the stuff i wanted on e-bay is being outbid. sad, sad, thing. I should sell my stuff on e-bay. get rid of some of these old books and stuff.

i'm supposed to go to the gym tonight. a nap may be required first.

I'm happy to see more people take up knitting. i find it so rewarding, and it's just cool to see other people give it a chance. steph is catching on super fast.

ugh ... lethargy.

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