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drunk on champagne

michael and i are up at my house for the moment.we've been eating strange canned greek food and drinking champagne stolen from my mother's house.

the last couple days have been stressful, to say the least. Michael no longer has a car. The inevitable happened, and the costa mesa impound lot now has possession of it. The cost of getting it out (not no mention the cost of the ticket) far exceeds the worth of the car ... so we're writing off the car as a headache gone.
but getting a new car is going to be a headache in and of itself. getting michael to work/school isn't going to be easy either - i'm helping where i can, but my saturday-wednesdays are busy.

so this is one more thing to get through. there's other stuff going on, but nothing i want to delineate here. if he wants to write about it, he can. but i know he won't.

and he gets on my case about "chugging" good scotch, now ... sheesh.

i worked tonight, at garden grove. lots of euths, people with no money. i do prefer to work in areas where people can afford to treat their pets.

the wedding is tomorrow (today, really). i have my outfit ready, michael has his suit. i still have to stop on the way down there to get a present. not that i procrastinate or anything, there just hasn't been time.

my therapist has been thinking lots of things about michael and i that i don't want to agree with. i don't agree with. i like her otherwise, i just don't think she understands how we work. and i am not the best communicator.

hopefully i'll see some of you at the wedding ... g'night.

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