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too many fleas

such a long night, working at garden grove.
literally - about 11 hours, though i was scheduled for eight.
figuratively - i was on with two other people, both totally green and useless. we were slammed. i did not sit down. every patient that came in, excepting maybe three or four, needed a full workup - bloodwork, xrays, iv catheter, fluids, meds. we ran out of cages and had pets tied up in the hallway. graveyard shift came in two hours early (at 10:30) and we still weren't quite caught up at 3:00, when i left.
i tried to save a flea anemia kitten. I treated it with SQ fluids and oral dextrose at the hospital, and medicated it for the fleas. The plan was for me to install a jugular catheter at the hospital, then bring the kitten home with me at the end of the shift, along with some supplies. Once home, I would have drawn blood from one of my own cats and transfused it into the kitten. (this assumes that one of my four cats would cooperate.)
but of course, just as I am preparing to install the jugular cath in the baby, it dies in my hands.
i didn't cry at work.
better there than at home, i guess. and i can't imagine how difficult it would have been to draw enough blood to transfuse from one of my beastly cats by myself.

so that's how work went.

i'm sleeping alone tonight. it's been really nice having michael with me all weekend, but it's a treat i guess i shouldn't get too used to. then i just get all sad when i have to sleep alone.
tomorrow i'm giving him a ride to work, so at least i'll get to say hi.

tomorrow i work. tuesday i work. wednesday i have school - a midterm and a paper due. thursday i have therapy, and then nothing. i can relax.

i have $60 in my bank account and no gas in my car. i get paid june 6. i'm usually good at stretching money, but this may be tough, and i will probably have to break into the (rapidly diminishing) school fund again. sad.
i need to have $5,000 in that account by october to go to the tech school. i don't think it's gonna happen. I've been siphoning funds since i left central, and to rebuild it would take a huge portion of the money i will make over the summer. grr.

maybe tomorrow will be a better day. we should be moved into the new building at work, so that'll be interesting.

i should take the hint from my falling eyelids and go to bed.

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