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pink flamingo!

Once I get the backyard cleared out, I think I will decorate it with multitudes of pink flamingos. Maybe I'll put some in the front yard, just to see how long it takes to get a letter from my homeowner's association.

Class was canceled today. No test, no paper due. I didn't do the paper anyway, so there's my saving grace. This teacher has missed more classes than I have. annoying.

so the plan for tonight involves cleaning litterboxes, feeding the birdie, doing dishes, then driving to OC and renting Shrek so that michael can see it. This weekend, hopefully we can go see Shrek II.

Friday I'm going to actually go be social with a girl from work. Maybe Clockwork, maybe somewhere else. I'm excited, but I'm nervous about going out. my last club experience was so bad ... i'll bring my flask. I'm going with this girl Renee. She looks like a gothy chick, but she's obsessed with ladybugs ... she drives a red VW bug.

Going on friday will mean I'll miss Cryss' show in anaheim. Which is too bad, as there are people i wanted to see there.

Cryss called me a hermit today, while we talked on the phone. i have to admit he's probably right.

I'm so tired. I've lost track of what I wanted to do. The paperwork for my case against Central sits and waits. My knitting projects languish. my house is a mess. I want to paint and rearrange and clean, but i just can't get myself to do it. I need to pay my bills. I need to make money appear out of nowhere. i need to spend more time with my cats. I need to bathe my cats.
I have all these plans, ideas, and i am rarely able to follow through.

They're talking about making me a supervisor at work withing the next couple of months. I don't know that it's the best idea, but i doubt i'd turn the job down.

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