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Why is it that i can hold myself together through my workweek and everything else i have to do, and then when i see michael at the beginning of my weekend, I almost always fall apart completely? why does this happen every week? and why do i have to sedate myself to make it stop?

We did rent and watch Shrek tonight, and the plan is to see Shrek II tomorrow afternoon. Michael thanked me for convincing him to not be such an elitist and to watch the movie. animation snob, he is.

I'm at my mom's house for the moment. I should be in bed, but a glass of whiskey seemed like a good idea, so i'm drinking that in hope of a peaceful slumber. It's nice to see Flea - he spends so much more time here than he does at my house, because of my schedule. I miss him.

I've got to go see alice, the therapist, tomorrow. I don't know if i'm going to continue this. She's already stated that there isn't a whole lot she can do for the depression, and that's the reason i started going. I'm not quite sure what my reason for going is if i can't fix what i see to be as the problem. She is much more concerned with my social issues than i am (personally, i'm happy hating almost everyone). so we work on things i don't care so much about "fixing", which is obviously counterproductive.

So i don't know.

I left my insulin at Michael's house. This is not a good thing. not such a bad thing that i have to drive back there, but mildly annoying in that i cannot eat until i go over there tomorrow afternoon. grr.

someday, i'm going to be a completely together, funtional human being.

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