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god damn, i love ebay. knitting needles and yarn by the lot, super cheap style. yay.

not that i have time to knit anymore. i think i have a half hour or so to work on my scarf before the sun comes up.

I had a wonderful day with michael. we drank gianormous beers at Haus of Pizza (when they say large, they aren't kidding), watched Shrek II (fucking hilarious - I'm going to make little boots for my cat), bought more beer, went back to his house, re-bleached the underside of my hair, cuddled on the couch, and ... stuff. and we both got paid today. woot.

the paycheck is why i've been on an e-bay spree tonight. I'm holding off on buying the flamingos, just because i don't really need a yard full of pink flamingos.

I decided that i wanted to get something pierced today, but then realized that there is nothing left to pierce that i want pierced. the disappointment abounds.

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