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Going to OC today ... maybe down there until Friday night, for practical reasons. I have to work tonight, get my car smogged Friday morning, I'm supposed to go see Mudbath play on Friday. And I really need to get out and see people. Isolation does me no good.

People need to come see Ministry with me ... trying to get my friend Ambrose to go, he's being flaky ... Eleni is crying poor ...

Some should come with me on Friday to see Mudbath, too ...

I kinda miss being part of a music scene, I used to always have people to go to shows with, and I knew everyone at the shows. I think I'm too old and too clean to be a punk again though, and that's all I really know how to do.

Thinking about it, I have a busy weekend coming up ... looks like I'm only going to be home once between now and Sunday night. At least I'll get to come home and sleep Sunday night, for once. Yay. And I have paychecks waiting at Central and Garden Grove. Yay again. More money for more music ... and bills. I have lots of bills. And I can barely afford to put gas in my car right now.

Johnny called me this morning again ... I didn't answer ... he left a voicemail ... I'm being hesitant about checking it. He called yesterday while I was still asleep, and had nothing really to say ...

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