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violent bastards

well, my the left side of my back really hurts. My left knee really hurts. Why? because that's the side the motherfucker was kicking on.

see if i go to anymore punk shows. the people are no less assholes now than they were then.

but what was i supposed to do? let the four assholes beat on my friend? fuckers. and when i finally get one of the guys face-to-face, he pusses out because "i won't hit a bitch." but you're happy to jump a scrawny guy alone in the parking lot with three of your friends? quite not logical.

so i never did get to see distress play. and according to cryss, they never will, since one of the guys doing the beating is the singer for the band, and the rest of the band wants nothing to do with him.

the other 95% of the show was fun, though. moshy moshy.

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