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so after a sleepless, painful night, i went to my doctor's office this morning. They were nice enough to fit me in as an emergency.

The doctor thinks i may have a torn ligament in my knee. I should have an MRI done tuesday. I got a Toradol injection, a knee brace, and a prescription for Vicodin.

well, at least i get some vicodin.

I called Eleni - her wrist is all fuckered up. Totally sucks for her - she works on a computer all day.

My back hurts less. Less than my knee, anyway. I'm sure after vicodin it won't hurt at all.

There were good parts to the show, however. Like Eleni said, "it's like a high school reunion here!" I saw people I havent seen in years ... Quinn, Chad, Stinky, Jeffstress, Muffy, Dyley, lots more. I saw my Sam and Scotty getting rolled up on while i was driving in. I called Sam's house this morning and asked for him, but his dad said that he'd been arrested, and they didn't know how bad it was. Poor my sam. poor scotty too.

I can't afford to miss work, but i also can't stand up. This is an unfortunate quandary.

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