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mr. barbeque

everyone is having fun at the barbeque, and I'm here writing an abnormal psych paper ... dammit.

gotta get it done, though ... i was given an extra week to do it, so i will have no excuse if i don't turn it in. and i want at least a B in this class. how could i not do well in abnormal psych??? that would be silly.

Heather is in Berlin. She does this ... she'll just decide she wants to visit somewhere, and go. no money, no reservations, no plans, just a plane ticket and a lack of fear that i envy. this is how she saw Rammstein in london last year ... she just went.

Michael's coming to stitch and bitch tomorrow, with his woodcarving. maybe he can carve my crippled self a cane. wouldn't that be sweet? i know it's not exactly stitching, but it's crafty, and that's all that matters.

I really don't want to write this paper. it's almost done though, I just have to decide on my method of treatment and get it to somewhere i can print it. I think I'll finish it in the morning.

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