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i allowed him to carve on my head.

I'm on the internet at work. it's that boring here. I'm on the "internal medicine" side, which means that at night, instead of treating the emergencies and critical care patients in the new building, i'm in the old building babysitting a couple of post-op surgical patients. Three, to be exact. luckily, i figured out how to get online.

so there was stitch n' bitch yesterday. Michael came with me, and Ben was there. Steph and Kelly were there. That was it. Pretty quiet. Ben did not knit, but he acted as the "pick a random number between one and five hundred ninety" laptop sound-system deejay. Michael brought his woodcarving stuff, and did little actual carving, except for the point where he CARVED HIS INITIALS INTO MY FOREHEAD.

and i let him. to prove a point.
in retrospect, i can't remember what that point was, except maybe to show how stubborn i am. i didn't think he'd actually do it.

the conversation went something like this:
me:"[smartass remark by me, probably about his woodcarving]"
him:"I ought to carve my initials into your head."
me:"Oh, would you? that would be so hot."
him:"i will."
me:"you wouldn't."
this is the point in which he stands up, faces me, takes his knife and traces out MT on my face.

Steph's expression while this was going on was pretty funny.

after that, we went and got quizno's for dinner. We ate at his house, and while i walked into the other room to change into scrubs, his fucking dog ate the half of my dinner that i was going to take to work. bastard Griffin.

I've got a midterm tonight. fun. and a final next week. even more fun. This is assuming that the teacher even shows up for the class this week. She's missed so many classes, we've dropped whole sections of the text we were supposed to go over.

time for six o' clock meds. wee hoo.

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