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draining the bank account

I had a busy day.

First, I met with Charles to discuss computer stuff. That was nice - i never see enough hamsterhuey. He even took me to lunch. much conversation was had.

Then dreammadeflesh and I went to Trader Joe's, and stopped by the petco near there to look at the birds. I bought a couple bottles of wine at TJ's - i love the wine there. We had a somewhat heated discussion on the way back about how i'm not happy with the way the animals are caged and marketed at Petco - yes, it could be worse, but it certainly could be much better.

I talked him into going to IKEA on the way back. He talked so much shit on IKEA, but by the time we were done with the store he was in love with it. They were having a sale, so i spent about $20 there and got some nifty stuff. We would have stayed longer and shopped more, but his arm was really hurting.

I should post pictures of his road rash. It's really icky. i rebandaged it.

back to his house, he took a shower and we went out to dinner. Olive Garden. nummy portabello filled ravioli. he got some frou-frou drink and i laughed at it. i spent too much money, but i don't care so much. it was fun.

I wish i didn't have to pay my homeowner's association, so i could go blow some more money at IKEA.

I paid a bunch of bills online tonight, so i know exactly how much money i don't have. and as much as i'd like to keep my head in the sand about it, i shouldn't do that. I should get a check for a couple shifts from garden grove soon, so i've got some help there. I need to figure out how to save money for the new computer i want.

Michael's dog is out to get me. he ate my dinner the other night. yesterday, he chewed on a bundle of knitting needles. he swears his dog likes me, but i'm not so sure.

tomorrow, i'm chauffeuring him all over the place, then i have to make a breif trip up to my house. he suggested that we do some housecleaning while we're up there. i love him.

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