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flea as a ringbearer???

tonight: working. then some sleeping. tomorrow: maybe some knitting, working, sex, then sleeping. if all goes as planned. monday: work. tuesday: s n' b, then work. wednesday: finals.

then no more school. wee hoo. until fall, anyway.

I'm seriously considering picking up an extra shift for the summer. I'm already working some hours at the garden grove hospital (sundays, for now) and i'm sure i can get on another shift at ACCIM. I don't have the time, but i need the money.

i got some sad news today about some plans i had. and it may be petty of me to avoid something just because i really hate one of the people involved, but if i had to spend a whole evening with that bitch, i'd be miserable. and i don't want to make everyone around me, including the birthday boy, miserable as well. I could also see myself getting drunk and starting a fight, and that would be bad. so i'll just avoid the whole thing altogether and save everyone some problems. Michael won't want to be there if she's there, either. i think.

i need to think of something wonderful to knit for ben for his birthday.

And flea may be in a wedding. I think this is a wonderful idea. I'm going to get started making him practice walking with a pillow tied to his back. maybe i can make a little chihuahua tuxedo for him out of fabric scraps. i love this idea.

don't wanna go to work. my back hurts. the prevailing theory now is that i pulled a ligament in my back, which is why it hurts my back every time my knee is raised. who the fuck knows, though.

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