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my space?

I found my brother on the interweb ...

it's really creepy reading his journal entries. He's my little brother, out getting drunk ... at the same time, when i was his age, i was in an apartment in anaheim trying to obliterate my existence, so who am i to judge?

so i'm not real sure about this My space thing, but it's more webjunk for me to play with ... not that i know anyone on there but my brother, his friends, and a friend of mine from work ... something else to do, anyway ...

michael is on my couch cackling about something in my Onion book ... cause the bird doesn't have his laugh down enough already ...

he declared tonight that he wanted to read my journal, nd then he did, and it made me blush. it's up for public view, but he never usually looks at it. it was odd to watch him read what i have put up here for the last few weeks ... i dont know why.

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