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Venturing outside ...

Another long, dull night at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Clinic ... Like my shift at La Habra on Tuesday, not a patient in the hospital. I have determined that, for this week at least, I am not a veterinary technician but a well paid hospital-sitter. I write at five am, and the phone has yet to ring - well, my phone rang once ... Heather calling, to be all excited about the Ministry show with me and to discuss the Johnny situation. But that was brief and that was it.

I dared to venture to TC last night ... since some have complained that my appearances have been most infrequent lately. That, and my house has become a festering pit of despair and alienation. TC was relatively quiet last night. Saw my friend Tony there, an ex-employee of Natale's. Who makes a damn good mocha. He's been showing up at TC lately, I think trying to avoid Natale's drama. Possibly under the same mistaken impression that I once had, that TC is a calmer, less dramatic place. Anyway, I like Tony and was glad to see him. He is exceedingly shy and quiet, and it is near impossible to drag a conversation out of him sometimes.

clockworkbadger and Kelly showed up for a while, Kelly reading smut novel trash that I detest. Comic books are better for the brain. But to each his own, I can only voice my opinion. Loudly and repeatedly.

Brett was around in relatively funny mode. Made Tony laugh, if nothing else.

All of that small group wandered off eventually. Beemer Chris, pink80s, eamajyn, and Beth made their way into my evening. Chris and I talked about cars for far to long, and about other things for a bit. He requested that I punch him for some reason, and I obliged while vocalizing my protests. Chatted with pink80s briefly, and she sang me a bit of her new song, which is beautiful written and even better sung. I do worry about that girl, she carries so much stress.

Beth and I had quite a long conversation covering many random topics, including cigarettes, caffeine, and her place of occasional employment. Longest conversation I've ever had with Beth, as far as I remember.

One of the Tweedle Twins, the thinner motorcycle riding one, seemed to be going out of his way to aggravate me ... First by making a table move much more than it needed to, and later by declaring that I was a "sex object" of TC. I could, and probably should take that as a compliment, but that's not how I like to be thought of at all. And the boy delivered the comment in a rather crass and uncouth manner. I really wanted to punch him instead of Chris. But I restrained myself ...

More not TC planned for tonight ... off to Long Beach, as dangerous an idea as that may be ... but I will be good, as I always am these days. There's a show that looks good at Alex's Bar. And Heather is always fun company.

I may have to soon join the crowd that has drifted over to Alta, as it seems to be the only way I will ever see margarthemighty and stephinextremis again. They arrive too early and go home too soon for my tastes, though.

Blame it on paranoia, but I'm getting the feeling that certain people are not telling me the whole truth about certain things ... honesty by avoidance maybe ... but again, I can be paranoid sometimes. Theories of conspiracy and such.

I am starting to learn that I can't always get everything I want. Damn if I don't try, though.

And Red Bull now comes in sugar-free. Kasey is a happy girl. Now if only I drank vodka ...

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