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new hat.

how boring is it over on the internal medicine side of my work? well, i knit a hat. granted, it was an easy hat, but damn.

i probably could have finished the scarf i was supposed to be working on, but i got going on this hat and wanted it done. it's light pink and grey - brain colors. i need a yarn needle to finish it off, but that'll be easy enough. pics will be posted when i'm totally done with it.

i think everyone is getting hats for birthdays.

i want to get dreammadeflesh a job over here. i think he'd make a good tech, and i could probably avoid working with him most of the time. not that i wouldn't want to work with him, but there's the ethical conflict.
this is my bright idea for the week, anyway. that and cutting bangs. i like all my pictures of myself with bangs better than pictures i take now. i'm thinking this long seventies hair is an experiment that proves i like my hair better the other way.

i have a final today. i don't want to take it. school's done after this, though.

i think i need a river trip. soon. now.

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