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an odd night with odd people

it was a random, odd night ...

i overslept, woke up at seven. got ready in a hurry and drove to dreammadeflesh's house. We went to the always surreal Haus of Pizza for jugs of beer and pasta, with side dishes of Shrieking Child and Cranky Waitress. Then drove across OC to check out the shenai group in Fullerton.
which i didn't like so much.

Lots of people. Lots and lots of people. Saw a few I know: a guy I work with named Phillip, who is know by the nickname of wifebeater. This amuses me. Also saw johnangel, who was there with Mouse wrapped around his neck. Most unexpectedly, we saw floydwilliams which was nifty.

Anyway, i was freaked out by the amount of people and michael didn't seem to be all that happy with it either. We wander over to the Reagan Years arcade. he played a shooting game, i stared at the creepy shrine to Ronald Reagan that someone put up at the entrance. Movie pics, candles, and a bowl full of jellybeans.

on the way back, after miles of debate, we decided to head to Ruba. I promised we could leave if there was anyone there that he didn't want to deal with. Really, i mostly wanted something sweet to drink. So i get my chai, find a spot and start my knitting. We both stared too long at the girl in the miniskirt with the really nice legs, and tried not to laugh too loudly at the girl playing the touch games wearing the super-ultra-low pants, as she was showing at least four inches of asscrack. it wasn't any better when she stood up ... the pants didn't move up much, and her stomach actually hung over the front of the super-ultra-low pants. self confidence is a good thing, but really ...

anyway, i was in a mood to be catty, and the people at ruba were a great outlet.

so i'm knitting, and michael's talking, when lyteinc walks by with Jo. I was surprised as hell to see them there. Apparently they, along with irnwlf and vtron21 had decided to go to the Del Taco near there after the pool playing to watch the fights that happen almost every weekend night. We leave Ruba and head over there, just in time to catch the end of the fight between tough guys and emo kids. Also present were drunk punks and doped out hookers. it was entertaining.

on the way out of there, we drove by a horrible accident on Newport boulevard ... car on its top, glass everywhere. One of the drunk punks from Del Taco was on the corner, taking pictures with a little digital camera.

back to dreammadeflesh's house for some beer and cuddling, and now i am here, at my parents house, watching the sky get light and thinking i should be in bed.

my mom's house is infested with bees. i think there is a hive in the chimney. it's creepy. there are bees buzzing all over the place. i really wish they'd do something about it. I was sitting at the table with them tonight, talking about it, when a dead bee dropped in the middle of the table. i think it's a sign.

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