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split shift

i really don't want to work overtime today ... i might have to ... i can't bitch too much, as half my shift was at critical care, where i ran my ass off for six hours, then i transferred to internal medicine, where i check my e-mail. i may have to go back to critical care when i'm done with this, though.


everything over there was gross. i've got charcoal under my fingernails. 3 labradors got into the owner's meds, and ate vicodin, paxil, atavan, and a bunch of other stuff. they came in, and all get iv fluids, bloodwork, and large amounts of liquid charcoal every three hours.
we gave up on mopping the floors after a while.

stitch and bitch after i wake up, yay. i've got a new piece i want to start on today. I've got a baby hat going, too, but that's less of a rush than the one i want to start on tonight. hopefully it will be done by friday ... Michael is coming to Sn'B again. eventually i'll get him to knit.

i get to cut my hair off on thursday, i'm very excited about this. and on wednesday, i'm going to go home and not go to class. this, also, is very exciting to me. I'm hoping to fill that non-class three hours with laundry, maybe some litter box cleaning, maybe even some vacuuming.

i have a list of things i want to accomplish this summer. one is to get my backyard cleaned out, and maybe add some patio furniture. also, i want to get the inside of my house sparkling clean, clean enough to have a party. only i'm not going to call it a party. I'm going to call it a soiree, so i can invite fewer people.

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