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mazzy star musings

I'm all happy right now because i found my mazzy star tape while cleaning my room.
now i can listen to mazzy star on an endless loop again ... so many memories attached to this ...

of all the things scotty gave me (a broken leg, help continuing a nasty drug habit, a complex about taking care of people, guilt) he did get me listening to some very nifty bands. without him, i wouldn't be into the cure, mazzy star, the damned, lords of acid. i probably would have come across these bands eventually, but he made me open my little narrow punk mind to them.

i lost my good lip ring and need to go get a new one. in that spare time i don't have a lot of.

my outfit for the party is picked out and ready to go. it's a little more ... um ... revealing than usual, but as long as i don't move too much i might be okay. i'm kinda excited about the party. i'll probably run away screaming.

i need to make myself be social.

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