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hot hot hair

i've got hot new hair, and i love it ... pics will go up later ... i don't know why i ever tried to grow my bangs out, it looks so much less silly now.

getting ready for ben's party, now. i've got the clothes together (though i couldn't find any stockings, may have to stop at the store) and putting a face on. my outfit borders on ridiculous. i like it.

new knitting projects are in the works. stuff for me, mostly.

last night at work - 11 hours (four in surgery), no caffeine, migraine. i don't think i've ever been so happy to get home. it was a miserable experience. damn labradors and their eating of things. pulled this stringy plastic thing out of its stomach and intestines. fun!

party tonight ... scary idea ... today i don't want to be social but i'm going to do it anyway. we'll see how it goes. I'm only going because it's bigbrother's party.

i should wake dreammadeflesh up and make him get ready to go ...

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