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I am the surgery goddess.

aka, on saturdays, "procedures bitch".
which i'd rather be anyway, because saturdays are busy and i'd rather do one thing at a time.

surgery one:
removal of a piece of foam from the jejunum (intestine) of a cat. the surgeon was super-fast and had the surgery done before i was ever able to get my blood pressure monitor working. totally routine FB surgery.

surgery two:
removal of a 10 pound, basketball size splenic mass from the abdomen of a german shepard. this was seriously the largest tumor i've ever seen successfully removed from a patient. i spent a fair amount of time in surgery with my hands under the drape, using the drape and towels to hold up the mass so that it wouldn't roll of the surgical table while the doctor was trying to ligate the vessels.
halfway through the surgery, the doctor had me run out to her office to grap her digital camera to take pictures of the open abdomen, with and without the mass.

both surgeries did amazingly well.

i just pulled out the two feet of pink scarf i've been working on, as halfway through it i decided that unless i make it narrower, it's going to be too short, and it would look just as good narrow.
i'm still trying to decide if that was a stupid decision. thankfully, this yarn knits up quickly.

sleeping alone sucks.
even though sleeping surrounded by cats and chihuahua isn't really alone ... it's still alone. fucking petco, making michael work the only sunday i have off in june. i really hate that place. when i don't need the michael discount, i shop at Petsmart. simply out of spite.

i have absolutely no plan for tomorrow. i think my plan is to relax. maybe clean. unless anyone wants to come keep me company???
yeah, didn't think so.

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