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You can believe in turtles.

So I was at work last night by myself, watching one kitty with a urinary catheter, and I had the overwhelming urge to do a cartwheel. I haven't done a cartwheel since I was an awkward child forced into gymnastics classes. So I sat there and argued with myself abou the feasibility and logistics of me doing a cartwheel - the plausibility of my less-than-petite, ungraceful, 22 year old frame turning itself 360 degrees sideways. And then I told myself to shut up, planted my left foot firmly, put my hands up in the air, and did a cartwheel. And it was fun.

Sometimes, things have to be done just because they are fun - reason, logic, and consequences be damned.

I'm starting to scare myself a bit ... i've been sleeping quite a bit more than usual lately, and dreaming frequently and vividly. My dreams are mostly just continuations of the life I lead. Familiar people, places, and such. The line between dream and real gets very fuzzy, and I'm finding that I don't know what has actually happened sometimes. I can usually figure it out, but I catch myself having to wonder more and more lately. And then when I'm done questioning my sanity, I wonder why I'm sleeping so much.

Finished a very cool book last night ... Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett. Thank you, Andy. I must read more of this stuff.

A 12 hour shift can seem like such a long time ... one of the other techs quit yesterday, so I may be rearranging my schedule again, or adding a day ... work is a great way to avoid dealing with life ... though people should come see me at work, and brighten my evenings ...

Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I could live my life without you ...

off to glorious sleep, and mundane dreams ...

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