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Accomplished today:
birdcage is clean.
put the hookah away.
took some trash out.
went to the grocery store.

the trip to the grocery store resulted in me buying a bottle of white wine, which means i'm probably not getting a lot done for the rest of the night.

i miss michael. goddamn petco.

i'll drive down to oc sometime tomorrow, drop my dog off at his gramdma's house, and hopefully see michael for a few hours before i go to work. then i'll work for ten (hopefully only ten) hours. then i'll go to my mom's, sleep, wake up, go to stitch n' bitch, meet up with tyler, and go see KMFDM again. i still owe him money for the tickets. i'm still supposed to call him and make plans. maybe i'll do that now ... or maybe it's too late.

i have to pick out an outfit for KMFDM. I'd like to wear the corset again, but that's a bit risky for public outings. i hate trying to dress up in the summertime. i'd rather wrap up in layers of plastic.

the cats love that i'm home. flea's happy to be here, he's curled up on the couch. the biggest spider in the world is in the backyard and i'm afraid to go out there.

i want to rearrange my living room, but i can't move all this furniture by myself. so when michael comes up here again, we're gonna move stuff. and then we're gonna lie around and bitch about how we're too old and our backs are too bad for us to be moving furniture. i also want to get rid of the red couch. anyone want it?

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