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i worked last night.
i work tonight.
i work tomorrow night.
and somehow i'm still managing to spend the weekend up here with michael. it's nice ... but it's a lot of driving.

Spent six hours last night monitoring a ventilator patient, until he started bleeding out from the lungs, so we euthed him. a totally fucked up hit by car dog. We had the poor thing sedated on pentobarb, morphine, lidocaine, and ketamine in the iv, plus he had a fentanyl patch on, plus we were giving him iv injections of valium, propofol, and pentobarbitol. he had a chest tube; a urinary cath; an IV in each front leg; a central line in one of his rear legs and an arterial line in the other; an indwelling rectal temperature probe; bilateral nasal O2 tubes, an endotracheal tube; an ECG; and monitors clipped to his tongue.
i didn't feel too bad about him dying. he was fucked.

work tonight should be simpler, as the garden grove hospital just can't handle those kind of patients. a good thing, and a bad thing.

i'm groggy, and i have to leave in an hour ...

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