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the kitten is finally being quiet ... i got it to eat some more and replaced the hot water bottle and it went to sleep ...
i love kittens. they're so noisy, though! and there's not a lot i can do about it ... it meows, i look at it and say, "what do you want?" and it meows again. communication is difficult.

all the other cats are very upset by the new arrival, except for Obi, who ignores everything.
michael laughs at my maternal instinct.

I cleaned some here. vacuumed and swept, did laundry and dishes. Michael picked up the living room while i was at work last night. Vacuumed up enough cat hiar to knit a sweater. My sink is fucked and i don't know why. the garbage disposal isn't working and the drain is slow. I tried drano, but i think i'm either going to have to take it apart or call a plumber.
it would probably be better and more successful if i just called a plumber.

i don't want to work today. i want a few days off. i work tonight and tomorrow, then not again until saturday. It wouldn't be so bad if the last few shifts hadn't been so tough. maybe i'll ask to work internal medicine tonight. i can be lazy.

time to get ready to go, i guess ... i should probably call my mom and make sure she can kitten-sit before i show up at her door with kitten in hand ...

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