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want and need

I got paid today, which makes me happy. So I went online to see how much I got paid, and then I paid some bills.
Which made me sad.
but i'd like to get my credit card balances down so that i can use them if i need them ... but i also want some new clothes and maybe a nice vacation.

there are a lot of things i want.

i feel crappy tonight. I'm at work, on the quiet side. I'm nauseous, wobbly, and lightheaded. I hope i'm not getting sick. Heavy doses of caffeine are getting me through this shift.

There's a 200 lb mastiff on the critical care side. It is lateral (immobile), hooked up to nasal o2, iv fluids, ecg, and a urinary cath, and needs to be turned every two hours. Loads of fun. so sad i'm missing that.

there is so nothing going on in my life right now. I work, i have a kitten to cuddle when i get home, i get to spend wednesday night and thursday with michael. I agreed to work fourth of july, because i want the money and i'm stuck in OC dogsitting anyway. i hope he's not upset. I'll make him dinner or something.

time to go walk a dog ...

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